High Sky advertising agency is a full service advertising agency that has all the bright  
  ideas of latest innovations to the traditional marketing tactics . Whether you want to  
  promote your  brand or market your products or services or have an idea we can help you get  
  your desire goal.High Sky Advertising offers a wide range of services from event management to  
  web or creating a brand identity we have made all our client achieved their goals.  
Event & Exhibitions
We have the ability to plan unique corporate events including conferences, meetings, exhibitions, press release events, creation and development of brand promotions for existing and new product launches. We also organize corporate events and marketing programs such as road shows and public awareness programs. Our focus is luxury and elegance with a creative touch.
Web Designing
High Sky Advertising offering a wide array of solutions in the field of "Web Designing", Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Web Application Development Services etc. High Sky is a one stop solution for all your IT needs. It is a platform where technology meets experience to make one’s business globally successful. Our Professionals committed to provide genuine quality experience to our clients in the widest spectrum of business needs.
First time visitors of your website do not know who you are, what you do or who you do it for. Our website solutions make sure they recognize right away that they're at the right place and your website is exactly what they were looking for. Did you know that having a professional website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients? We provide complete web design solutions including graphic design, domain registration, Web hosting, free emails and search engine optimization.
Corporate identity
A corporate identity is the overall image of a corporation or firm or business in the minds of diverse publics, such as customers and investors and employees. It is a primary task of the corporate communications department to maintain and build this identity to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding and the use of trademarks.
Corporate identity comes into being when there is a common ownership of an organizational philosophy that is manifest in a distinct corporate culture, the corporate personality. At its most profound, the public feel that they have ownership of the philosophy. Corporate identity helps organizations to answer questions like “who are we?” and “where are we going?” Corporate identity also allows consumers to denote their sense of belonging with particular human aggregates or groups.
3D Designs and Animations
3D graphics animations including animated 3D models, are a great way to bring to life an idea or design that is still on the drawing board or just too difficult to describe with words. 3D animations can create you and your company’s unique vision that would otherwise be lost on words alone. You will have a chance to preview and experience your vision before a major investment is made to produce the reality.
High Sky will provide you exactly what you have imagined. We will try to bring more life to your Product or Designs and bring it more to reality using 3D technology. We are experts in character animations, prototypes, interactive, architectural and industrial 3D products.
Printing Services
High Sky Advertising large format printing solutions effectively communicate your message across an expansive range of products. Innovation combined with the latest digital print capabilities has established high Sky as a complete resource for the advertising industry. High Sky will provide impact solutions for indoor and outdoor campaigns on a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates like Flex, Vinyl, Banners, Acrylic sheets, PVC, wood, Polypropylene, Custom Boards, Foam Board, Mesh Stickers, Etc.
We offer it all under one roof. We have all kinds/brands and quality of material. We can adjust our printing quality according to your needs. We even print Floor Graphics, Wall Graphics and Car/Fleet Graphics and install all these with the help of our Professional technicians.

Outdoor Printing
Window graphics and information signage
Mesh printing
Vehicle signage, building wraps and fleet graphics
Transit graphics
Light boxes

Indoor Printing
Window graphics and information signage
Presentation posters
Display graphics for promotions
Decoration (wall murals), fine art and photo printing
Consumer graphics

Offset Printing
Catalogue Leaflets/Flyers
Brochures Calendars
Posters Corporate Stationery
Paper Bags Company annual reports
Diaries Advertising inserts and promotional material
Stickers and adhesive stock

Signage Branding
Whether you require a single sign or a complete suite of signage for a new business or rebrand. It may be a local project or across the whole of Saudi Arabia, talk with our team about your requirements and together we'll find a solution that you are very happy with and that is within your budget. Our work is always of the highest quality and delivered on time. We offer a comprehensive range of outdoor and indoor signs.
Back Light Flex Signage Front Light Flex/Banner Signage
Acrylic Signage with LED Zincor letters with LED/Neon lights
Steel letters with Led/Neon lights Steel letters with Led/Neon lights
Aluminum Cladding Signage Directional and Safety Signs
Display and Marketing Signs
Interior Decoration
We are specializes in wide variety of project types, Villas, Offices, Retail Showrooms, Restaurant and Coffee Shops including all elements of interior, wooden works, gypsum decoration, flooring, decorative finishes and furniture design. Our professional teams have an extensive experience in all aspects of profession including Conceptual Design, Space Planning, Interior Construction Documents and Interior Design. They are personally involved in the design and supervision of every project.
Our team of creative and professional Site Managers, Interior Designers and Sales men will be working all together as a team presented by us just to make sure you will be getting the best interior design service within the required time frame.
Laser Cutting & Engraving
In the beginning of 2013 High Sky Advertising Agency added a Laser Cutting and Engraving machine to its.This machine can cut or engrave a full sheet of 122 x 244 cm of Acrylic. Plastic including Acrylic can be laser marked, engraved and cut to controllable depths while maintaining tight tolerances. Cut varying thicknesses of acrylic, engravers plastic and other plastic materials with extreme precision. Laser cutting creates a beautifully finished, clean edge on plastics.We can Cut Acrylic and MDF upto 20 ml and can engrave on Plastic, Acrylic, Leather, Denim material, Wood, Mdf and Marble.
Promotional & Corporate Gifts
Unique corporate giveaways or business gifts is to promote your company and thank your clients, executive and employee recognition.Specializing in a wide range of corporate giveaway products that includes diaries, leather folders, leather desk sets, USB’s, pens, caps, T-shirts, Non woven bags, Paper bags, Thermal Mugs, Mouse Pads …etc.)
Photography & Video Shooting
Photography and video is all about creating a visual persona for your product or business without having to say a word. For a company to be able to capture the correct imagery and visuals they need to understand psychology and people, as much as they need to be creatively and artistically talented. High Sky advertising agency team of Photography and video are all professionals with pro-grade equipment and the expertise necessary to bring your project to life.We provide the most affective Photography & Video Production services around the clock. We understand the importance of preserving the most important moments and train our teams to carry your upholding, standards and vision.